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Employee benefits done right.

More than a perk

Our aim is to create a platform which is more meaningful than a pay rise. Where you can engage your staff easily and cost effectively. We offer a place for you to reward, enable peer to peer recognition and create bespoke offers that suit you and your employees.

Rewarding done right

Being able to reward your staff all year around, at a time of their choosing and on benefits relevant to each of them, leads to increased staff retention, performance levels and overall staff morale. The average person spends a third of their life at work. Why not spend it in a work place where they feel supported and inspired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. We have taken the time to listen to what both an employer and employees want from a reward platform and created We’ve added best in market offers and made the platform user friendly, easy to implement containing the best in market offers.

A. This is the best bit! Once you’ve completed the sign up process and added your employees details, your work is done. If you have over 20 employees, you can import them in a single spreadsheet!

A. You can register a minimum of 5 employees and there is no maximum number. You can add and remove employees each month as your staff number changes.

A. Pricing is simple, we charge £1 per month per employee.
A. Yes of course, if you would like us to show you all of the features and benefits of using the system, please contact us to arrange a demo.
A. You will have access to a dashboard which will show you at a glance how engaged your employees are, how much they are saving and the most popular rewards.